About us

Yalilov & Partners is a Russian law firm that provides legal consulting services in all key business sectors.

Our team has been working in the legal market for more than 10 years

We are the legal successors of the law firm "Shaimardanov, Yalilov and Sabitov"



Leading players in various areas of business turn to us for support to fulfill the most important and difficult tasks

For the successful business development of our clients, we apply constructive and innovative legal solutions, provide consistently high quality services in all our projects and offer economically reasonable and legally verified solutions.


The key to successful project execution is rapid decision-making and enforcement. For us, time is an asset, and its losses are not allowed.

  • We see the full picture, avoid the standard moves and leave no doubt where to win.
  • The judicial practice formed by us sets the industry trends.

Serving as a reliable advisor to our clients, maintaining flexibility and adaptability is our distinctive feature.


Our team has a variety of experience that ensures an objective risk assessment and effective protection of the interests of our clients, and we are ready to do everything possible in each specific situation.

A high level of knowledge combined with a strong corporate spirit and a sense of responsibility gives us the right to call ourselves professionals.

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