IT and electronics

Digital law today is the sphere that includes several branches of law at once and regulates relations related to IT.

The Russian legislation does not have separate sections related only to the regulation of the digital environment, and these norms are dispersed according to different laws.

Что входит в правовую сферу IT-проектов?

Digital law includes the regulation of relations in the sphere of IT projects, the publication of information on the network, blockchain, personal data processing, big data, artificial intelligence and other areas. They overlap with each other and are complemented by others, and ultimately the scope of digital law expands as digitalization enters new areas of our lives.

Консультируем по всем аспектам рынка

Thanks to the high qualification and wide experience of our lawyers, we advise on regulatory issues in the sphere of information technology, media, telecommunications and the Internet, including issues of personal data protection, trade secrets and cryptographic activities, as well as related criminal and other risks.

Our team adapts existing legal matters to the requirements of technically complex projects in areas where there is often no legal framework. We actively participate in legislative initiatives related to the formation of the conceptual apparatus and regulation in the range of the digital economy of Russia.

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