Judicial and arbitration practice

The legal team of Yalilov & Partners successfully defends the rights and legitimate interests of clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction at all levels.

According to the study "Право.ру" the litigation (dispute resolution) market in Russia, which includes the most successful law firms in the country in the field of judicial practice, our company's judicial and arbitration practice in 2019 was among the top three among the participants in terms of a derivative score for a positive result in court.
cases resolved
As part of any legal dispute, regardless of its scale, we will carefully analyze the actual circumstances of your case, establish the law to be applied in this case, and study the judicial practice, starting with local courts and ending with the highest instance, and in the absence of such a practice, we will form such a practice in your interests.

During the preliminary negotiations, our team pays special attention to clarifying the requirements of the Client, the specifics of his field of activity

Main goal

Offer solutions that take into account the provisions of the legislation and the practice of its application, as well as meet the needs of the Client.

We strive not only to win the case in court, but also to ensure the real restoration of rights and the achievement of economic benefits.

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