In our work, we solve not only one task, but completely remove the problem the client, achieving the goal

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Lawyers all over the world are professionals who put their clients ' interests first above their own and try to achieve respect for the Rule of Law.

We are confident that the principles and standards of corporate conduct are moral and ethical guidelines of the rules in relations with clients. Exactly they determine the patterns of behavior, the limits of what is acceptable in relations with customers, they impose additional responsibilities in the process of providing legal services.

Company Policy

Our corporate policy is based on an individual approach, mutual respect. with quality, efficiency, competence and confidentiality.

For us, every case is a special case, and we do not take it just for the sake of the case itself, forgetting for the sake of who and why we do it: there are people behind any business, and protecting the interests of the company, we always see and protect people.


We take care of the opinions of our clients, partners and opponents

We respect internal beliefs, religious and political views, feelings emotional state. We significantly increase the efficiency of our work by creating comfortable conditions for all participants of the process.

The mission of Yalilov & Partners

  • Provide high quality service to our customers
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards
  • Increase the status, level of professionalism and prestige of the legal profession
  • Offer your skills and talents to improve the legal profession
  • Develop, support, and encourage new generations of lawyers who continue the message of commitment to excellence, integrity, diversity, and collegiality

Priorities of Yalilov & Partners

  1. Act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the client
  2. Uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice
  3. Do not compromise your independence
  4. Comply with your legal and regulatory obligations
  5. Work and cooperate with public authorities openly, respecting the rule of law and the fair administration of justice
Applying the accumulated experience, introducing innovations, we set modern standards

The main driving force of our development has always been and remains the needs of our customers. for our customers, we see new opportunities and prospects in the constantly changing market conditions.

Yalilov & amp; Partners are happy to move forward with you to new horizons and achievements.

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