The macroeconomic aspect is determined by the high multiplier effect of business activity in the real estate sector

Investment in real estate leads to an increase in activity in a number of related sectors of the economy: in the production of building materials, housing and communal services, the production of consumer durable goods, ultimately providing an increase in the gross product and employment in the country

The emergence of the industry

The problem of improving the development of construction organizations forced to expand scientific and applied research in the field of development and implementation of new forms, methods and management systems in order to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of their functioning. One of these industries is "development"

Development in Russia is a relatively new type of business

It stood out in the context of the formation of a market economy from the related areas of business activity in the areas of real estate, investment and construction.

Law plays a key role here.

It serves the business

Knowledge alone is not enough

For us, being a good lawyer with only good knowledge is not enough. Business is a living organism, at least every five years there are changes in the market. Therefore, the thinking of our legal team is quite flexible, and it is this flexibility that allows us to talk about high efficiency.

The experience gained over the years allows us to support complex transactions from start to close, as well as to advise clients on individual stages of projects.


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